IT Solutions for Small and Medium Business (SMBs)

Small and medium businesses (SMBs) come in many sizes and industries, but we have found their main IT needs are generally the same; quick access to resources, secured data and reliable systems so their employees are productive. Texas Systems Group has developed IT Solutions for Small and Medium Business clients over the last 20 years to address these needs. We implement standardized processes that have been proven to help your business run smoothly and efficiently, no matter your size or industry. We also choose to partner with vendors and manufacturers of hardware and software that create high-quality, business-class products that SMBs can afford.

Texas Systems Group was founded in 2002 to fill a void that was really lacking in the IT industry at the time. There was a need for a professional, yet friendly IT support company that had the expertise, resources and processes in place to handle the needs of SMBs in Central Texas. Since then, we’ve grown our business to be able to service companies across the United States.

Our BrightStar Business IT Services are supported by Texas friendly, honest and caring teams that are experts in IT. We standardize your technology and use IT industry best practices to provide a stable foundation for your business. And our clients meet with a designated vCIO (virtual Chief Information Officer) every quarter for a strategic planning session to make sure their technology aligns with their business goals.

Our IT solutions for small and medium business clients can accommodate any company ranging in size from 10 employees to 500 and our co-managed IT service package can even assist those who employ an internal IT staff.


IT Solutions for Small and Medium BusinessBOXX Technologies

When BOXX Technologies’ in-house IT person gave his two-weeks notice, they realized they needed a partner that would deliver the same quick and personable service as having someone in-house. Texas Systems Group’s team of experts were up for the job at hand. Take a look at the case study by clicking the button below.

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