Healthcare IT Support for Freestanding ERs


IT Support for Freestanding Emergency Centers

More and more patients are choosing freestanding emergency centers over hospital emergency rooms for their convenient locations and shorter wait times. TXSG understands the complex requirements of trying to efficiently run emergency facilities with co-dependence on lab, ultrasound, x-ray, CT, EHR and other systems. We currently deliver IT support for freestanding emergency centers across 8 states and provide both ground-up solutions for new facilities, as well as streamlined solutions for existing infrastructures through our BrightCare ER Emergency Center IT Services.

We have a dedicated, round-the-clock support team so if you have an IT issue, we are available to help 24x7x365! We do not outsource our after-hours support, so you can be sure that your facility will receive the same Texas friendly and knowledgeable service no matter the time of day or night.

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Case Studies

IT support for freestanding emergency centers - Surepoint ERSurepoint Emergency Center, Denton

Texas Systems Group created a customized infrastructure that not only resolved immediate needs but optimized a system that will ultimately provide them with a core competency and strategic advantage. Download the case study for more details on how this project came about.

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IT support for freestanding emergency centers - Medco ERMedco ER, Frisco

The Texas Systems Group team assisted Medco ER with an “ER fixer-upper” in the Dallas metro area that had to meet intense deadlines, uptime and stability requirements in a highly cost-effective manner. Download the case study for an in-depth look at the challenge, experience and result!

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