Not all businesses require onsite support, so we created our BrightStar Remote Managed IT Service package. Included is unlimited 24x7x365 remote support from our Texas friendly IT Administrators and IT Managers, proactive management, layered security protection, standardization through IT Best Practices and quarterly Technical Business Reviews and strategic planning. 94% of our support calls are resolved by the first responding technician. That means that when issues arise, your problems usually won’t need to be escalated to a higher tiered technician. This eliminates the frustration of having to explain your problem over and over to new people.

Would you like to see how our BrightStar Remote Managed IT Service package can benefit your company or organization? Submit your information on the form below. If you also need unlimited 24×7 onsite support, check out our BrightStar Fully Managed IT Service package. We also offer a BrightStar Remote Assist package which provides all of the features of our Remote package but supports only a designated contact within your organization. This is typically for businesses that have an internal IT staff that focuses on end-user support but takes advantage of our backend tools and processes. Find out more about all of our BrightStar Managed IT Service packages by clicking here.