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How to Boost Employee Morale Through Remote Desktop Support & More

The aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in many employers choosing to make the work from home movement a permanent component of how their employees complete their assignments. This push for remote work has both pros and cons, but one of the most significant concerns for businesses that wish to support a remote workforce is the impact that working from home will have on employee morale. Working from home entails managing things like calls, activities, and other everyday tasks via apps instead of in-person interactions, creating lack of control for some employers. Remote workers can also feel a bit distanced from their fellow co-workers, as 70 percent of remote workers feel left out of the workplace according to a 2019 study. For companies that want to improve employee morale while supporting a digital workforce, read on to discover how regular online calls, flexible hours, remote desktop support, and more can help engage your employees and keep them satisfied. Read more


Pro Tips for Picking Among the Best Business VoIP Phone Service Providers

Just about every business can benefit from implementing VoIP communication technology. After all, the advantages of VoIP far outweigh those of a standard phone system; these systems are faster, more economical, and more scalable than the traditional option. However, picking between various business VoIP phone service providers can be tough, so we are here to help you narrow your search by giving you pro tips regarding what to look for in a provider. All of the benefits of VoIP phone services are explored throughout this article, so read on to find out how you can increase efficient and effective communication for your business.

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