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Feel Like a Kid Again – Q2 Fun Event Was a Blast!

This quarter’s Fun Event was held at Playland Skate Center, giving us all an opportunity to ‘Feel Like A Kid Again’! TXSG team members, friends and family strapped on rollerskates (and rollerblades) to fill two hours with leisurely skating, games, throwback music, pizza, beer and candy. Having the whole facility to ourselves was helpful in making sure we didn’t plow over any kids having their birthday parties during normal business hours since it’s been a while since MOST of us have skated. Although some skaters seemed like pros!

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An Epic Night of Fun at Pinballz with TXSG


Our Quarterly Fun Event for Q1 ’19 was held at Pinballz Lake Creek, where TXSG team members and guests got a chance to unwind, bond, eat, drink, and get their game on!

Pinballz Lake Creek has a wide variety of games, activities and fun for all ages. From vintage arcade games, pinball machines, and mini-bowling to go-karts, laser tag, and amazing virtual reality games; there was something for everyone! After gathering in one of the private event rooms, we sat down for a catered meal of appetizers, hot wings, hamburgers, and cheeseburgers. Then we all headed out to the game floor for epic arcade battles, pinball flipping, impromptu air hockey tournaments, and virtual zombie shooting. It was a wonderful night of socializing, team-building, and just plain fun with our colleagues, families, and friends.

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All Work And No Play Doesn’t Make For A High Performing Team!

TXSG recently hosted a Quarterly Fun Event at Pinballz Arcade! Our team members and their guests were invited to Pinballz on Research Boulevard for food, drinks and games; but more importantly, to hang out with each other outside of the office. Even though we spend a lot of time together during business hours, it’s important to have opportunities to get together outside of work to socialize on a more personal level. And we enjoy getting to know our employees’ families and friends as well!

Pinballz has an extensive collection of pinball machines, but they also have a number of vintage and newer video games and activities. From driving and shooting arcade games to more physical games like basketball and air hockey, there was something for everyone to enjoy. The private room was available for us throughout the afternoon so we could take a break, grab some food and drinks, and stash our tickets before heading back out to the game floor.

Whether the goal was to collect as many tickets possible to trade for prizes (way to go, Liz!), compete against their significant other or achieve a high score on an arcade game (great job, Randy!), everybody had lots of fun! Special thanks goes out to our HR Manager, Dinah, for organizing the event. We can’t wait for the next one!

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