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How Managed IT Service Providers are Helping Businesses Recover from the Pandemic

The public health and economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic are still being felt across the globe. COVID-19 managed to wreak havoc on companies’ ability to continue their business operations as usual, as it resulted in government-mandated shutdowns, disrupted supply chains, and major changes in consumer behavior. All of these things were compiled into one big blow to traditional company practices, causing a boom in more unorthodox approaches, such as entirely or partial remote work or outsourcing certain business functions to third-party providers (such as IT, HR, and accounting functions). Managed IT service providers are particularly important when it comes to supporting businesses while they’re on the road to recovery. Discover the ways in which an MSP can help your business bounce back post-pandemic. Read more


Are Managed IT Service Providers for Startups Affordable?

Startups often possess vision and drive in abundance, but lack financial resources. At the same time, they require technological support as they get their businesses up and running. Being able to achieve a high level of technological capability without breaking the budget is critical.

One solution is for startups to hire managed IT service providers (MSPs), like Texas Systems Group. An MSP can offer startups, and other businesses, comprehensive IT services for a fraction of what it would cost the startup to implement these services themselves. There are several reasons that MSPs are affordable solutions for startups.


An MSP offers scalable services.

Startups typically start out small. A few employees, a single product, a local focus, form the foundation of the new business. Over time, however, that business hopefully grows. As it grows, it’s IT needs expand as well.

An MSP offers a startup an affordable IT solution by offering scalable services. This means that the startup can pay only for those services that it needs in the beginning. At the same time, the startup can access additional services and capabilities as it, and its technology needs, grow.

There is no need for the startup to pay for more than what it needs at the beginning, and no need to make expensive conversions to new providers as time passes. An MSP handles all of the company’s IT needs, no matter how small or large that company becomes.


An MSP offers cutting edge security.

Keeping data safe is critical for any startup. Losing data means losing customers’ trust, losing customers’ business, and losing money. Every hack, security breach, or hour of downtime is a financial loss. Preventing those losses can be well worth any financial investment required.

Managed IT service providers offer startups a way to access cutting edge security within their budget. For example, the MSP can offer cloud backup, disaster recovery, antivirus and malware protection, and more. These services both reduce the instances of hacking and breaches as well as provide quick and reliable data restoration should a disaster occur.

As a result, startups can avoid data losses, security breaches, and costly downtime without needing to implement their own IT security measures. This saves them money both upfront, when paying for security, and down the line, in the form of fewer breaches, more trust with customers, and less downtime.

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Managed IT service providers charge a single monthly rate.

Most MSPs offer their services for a single monthly rate. This rate is lower than what you would pay if you purchased these services separately or created the infrastructure to handle those tasks in-house. Thanks to this low monthly rate, startups can afford to access a wide range of important IT services without exceeding their budgets.

In addition, the dependability of a single monthly expense allows startups to budget confidently. They always know what they are going to pay for their IT services, so they can always allocate their finances without worrying about unforeseen IT expenses. When they need to scale up their services, they simply contact their MSP to get a new monthly rate for their new services.


MSPs catch problems before they occur.

MSPs like Texas Systems Group do not just react to IT problems when they occur. Instead, they proactively seek out and deal with issues before those issues have a chance to impact your company’s IT infrastructure.

This proactive approach can save startups, and other businesses, money by quickly resolving issues before they lead to major downtime, data breaches, or system crashes. As a result, MSPs offer startups a way to save money they would have otherwise spent reacting to problems that had already occurred.


MSPs provide IT maintenance.

Replacing equipment can be a large expense. Keeping your equipment and IT infrastructure in good working order can extend its life and prevent costly replacements. For startups looking for affordable IT services, having reliable equipment that is maintained for them can be critical.

Managed IT service providers conduct this maintenance for you. They make sure that the IT infrastructure and equipment is in top working order at all times. They take responsibility for keeping track of installing upgrades and security patches and completing other maintenance tasks. As a result, they provide startups with reliable services for a fraction of the cost.


MSPs offer remote support.

Most startups do not possess the financial or physical resources needed to have in-house IT support services. MSPs solve this problem by providing remote IT support. The physical infrastructure remains largely off-site. The startup does not have to make room for this infrastructure or pay for its purchase and installation. This solution is ideal for startups that need to minimize both cost and space requirements.

If you are a startup in the Austin area, you may want to consider IT managed services in Austin. These services are affordable, and they have the potential to save you significant amounts of money in the long run. Managed IT services in Austin offer you scalable services and cutting edge security, while charging you a single monthly rate. These services can catch problems before they occur, thanks to a proactive approach. They offer maintenance and remote support so your startup does not have to worry about creating the physical or financial space for these things.

If you need MSP support, reach out to Texas Systems Group. We offer a wide range of services for many businesses, including high-tech startups. We can provide you with the comprehensive and affordable services your startup needs to thrive.


Why Adopting Standardized IT Solutions for Small and Medium Business Can Save You Money



Standardization can often be a bone of contention with clients. They want innovation and flexibility. Standardizing IT solutions for small and medium business, makes them feel as if they are settling for something less than stellar.

What many businesses fail to realize, however, is that standardized IT solutions, can create innovation, save time, and save money, all of which are particularly important to SMBs who often need to maximize limited resources.

Here at Texas Systems Group, we adopt standardized IT solutions for small and medium business because we know that these solutions offer our clients exactly what they need: Financial efficiency along with high quality results.


Standardized IT solutions for small and medium business maximize employee productivity.

Standardizing IT solutions for small and medium businesscan save you money by streamlining processes you use all the time. Streamlining these processes eliminates less efficient ways of achieving the same goal.

In addition, using standardized solutions prevents time wasted by employees who are looking for the right way to accomplish a goal. Without standardized processes, employees have to come up with their own approaches using time they could be spending on other projects.

As a result, these IT solutions for small and medium business maximize employees’ time. With standardized practices, employees have more time to devote to other aspects of their job, which leads to greater productivity and cost savings for your business.


Standardized saves time on problem resolution.

In addition, standardized IT solutions for small and medium business also minimize the amount of time it takes to resolve problems. For example, a standardized approach to dealing with IT helpdesk tickets means that everyone who submits a ticket receives a resolution in the shortest possible amount of time.

The result? Happier customers who receive stellar customer service and happier employees who can more quickly return to the tasks at hand. Satisfied customers and happy employees lead to more business and more productivity. That translates into more money for your company. Speedy problem resolution is a profitable way to go.


Standardized IT solutions for small and medium business reduce costs.

Standardization not only helps you to maximize the profits you earn from your business. They can also save you on expenses. For example, if a process lacks standardization, then a new solution may need to be researched and implemented every time. Each solution may require new purchases, or new technology which may or may not be utilized the next time a problem presents itself.

In addition, the process of finding and implementing solutions can be time-consuming. This is time you pay for that could have been spent in other, more productive pursuits. When you standardize IT solutions for small and medium business, however, you eliminate these unnecessary expenses. You know what you need to address specific problems and which processes to follow. As a result, you enjoy a way to resolve issues as quickly and as inexpensively as possible.


Standardized improves quality.

Finding IT solutions for small and medium business includes focusing on quality. Inefficient, costly, complicated, or time consuming solutions will do little to meet these businesses’ needs or help them reach their goals. When solutions are not standardized, however, you run the risk of implementing solutions that are subpar. One person’s preferred solution, for example, may simply not be the best possible solution for your business.

Standardized IT solutions for small and medium business, however, are the best ones out there for the companies they are a part of. They have proven themselves to be cost effective and reliable over the long-term. As a result, the business can confidently use them over and over to resolve problems and streamline processes.

Improved quality means that you enjoy IT solutions for your small and medium business that deliver the highest possible quality for the lowest possible price.


Standardized IT solutions for small and medium business pave the way for innovation.

Many businesses worry that standardized IT solutions will inhibit innovation. They worry about creating a stale environment where good ideas go to die. The reality, however, is that when standardized, can actually pave the way for exciting and profitable innovation.

The reason that standardization allows for more innovation, not less, is that it removes the time, energy, and mental focus needed to find solutions to the same problems over and over again. Instead, with processes and technologies in place to streamline problem solving, you and your employees have more time and energy to devote to creativity and innovation. Who knows what exciting new changes will come as the result of standardized IT solutions for small and medium business?

When you need IT solutions for small and medium business, think about embracing standardization. It can offer you the chance to save and make money, while delivering solutions that improve your company.

You may also want to consider reaching out to the Texas Systems Group. We specialize in standardized IT solutions for small and medium business. Some of our services include BrightStar Managed Services, BrightCloud Private Cloud Hosting, BrightSolutions IT Project Solutions and BrightVoice Telecom and Voice over IP (VoIP) services. We pride ourselves on offers standardized services that can help your business thrive.