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TXSG’s Core Values Are What Helps Us Deliver Texas Friendly IT Support

Our Core Values defines our customer-centric service delivery and is the reason we are ranked as one of the top Managed IT Service Providers in Austin. We hire, review and sometimes release employees back into the workforce based on their performance in these 5 areas. They are key in our ability to deliver our Texas friendly, honest and caring IT support to our clients.

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Christine Lee – CFO

“Whenever we’re looking to hire a new employee or even review our current employees, we use our Core Values for the basis of those discussions. It helps serve our clients because we are able to have a similar mindset. When you’re able to work with someone who’s Humbly Confident like you are, it helps us all to be on the same page and collaborate better together. In the end, helps serve our clients because we’re able to give them the best service and consistent service that they can expect from us.”


Joel Gough – IT Administrator

“I would describe the Core Values as being like legs on a table. They all need to be there for everybody to deliver the kind of service that’s expected of us. If you’re not Humbly Confident, you’re not going to want to Learn, Grow, and Improve. If everyone’s not Learning, Growing, and Improving then the Commitment to the Team is going to suffer. We want to Operate with Integrity and Professionalism to make sure that we can deliver the highest quality of service that we can and Strive for Excellence. All of those values are there in order for us to do our job the right way.”


Dinah Neveu – HR office Manager

“I would say that Committed to the Team is the Core Value that sets us apart from other companies, mainly because we are such a team-oriented environment. When people come into work they work hard for the betterment of the company. And one of the things I love about this place is that pretty much the second that you even look like you’re in need of help, someone recognizes it and someone offers to assist you. And that’s how our techs are with our customers and it’s just an extremely accommodating and supportive environment.”


Kyle Cosgrove – Service Desk Manager

“Being part of the Operations Team, we deal a lot with the goals that we set and we set the bar relatively high. We have no issues passing that bar each time. But it’s kinda that drive for excellence and all the team members really pushing to meet those values and metrics. I think that really sets us apart from any other place I’ve seen.”


Kevin Fritz – Service Coordinator

“IT support customers want to be treated like people too, and I think that a lot of places kind of miss that. Professionalism and integrity are essential to creating a good relationship with the customer in a friendly way, being able to help them with their issue. I think that that’s really important for customers to feel like they can call you and talk to you about anything.”


David Doran – CEO

“Our Core Values at Texas Systems Group are essential to our success because these Core Values define who we are. It’s the principals we live by, defines our culture. More importantly, it helps us bring a unified team together that believe in the same common purpose. With this common purpose of wanting to provide our Texas friendly, honest and caring IT support we’re able to deliver just phenomenal customer service.”


Texas Systems Group Ranks Highest Among Managed Service Providers in Central Texas

Customers speak out about their Texas-friendly IT support, giving the company more Google Reviews than any other IT firm

AUSTIN, Texas, June 20, 2019 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Texas Systems Group has achieved something no other Central Texas IT firm has matched: earned a five-star rating from 65+ customers in its Google reviews. Their customers’ comments reflect Texas Systems Group’s dedication to its Texas-friendly, honest and caring, IT support.

“I have been working with TXSG since 2017. Every employee we have come across has always been professional, courteous, and worked diligently to solve our issues. The support team is top notch,” says Thuy Sparks.

“I never feel rushed or unimportant whenever I need assistance from their group. Keep up the great work y’all!” says Nicole Fernandez.

“The company I work for uses Texas Systems Group for all of our IT needs! They are always quick to respond to our help tickets and get the job done right. Every one of their employees I’ve worked with has been pleasant and professional!” says Shelby Click.

According to Forbes, approximately 90% of customers rely on online reviews when making business decisions, making the hard-earned Google reviews essential for business growth.

“I’m proud of our staff,” says CEO David Doran. “These are actual reviews from actual customers, and the feedback reaffirms our commitment to serve. Our staff has earned this rating through their compassion for our customers. And I’m humbled by our customers’ comments and that they took the time to leave a review. It means a lot to this team to know we’re not only solving our customers’ problems, but doing it in a way that makes customers feel supported and empowered.”
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This is the Key to TXSG’s Superior Service

We provide IT support for various clients both here in Texas as well as across the United States. And it’s more than just IT, we create relationships with our clients and help them improve their business.

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You choose Texas Systems Group because of our service. That’s what it comes down to. Your employees want responsive service. Your employees want to be able to pick the phone up and call for help and get the help they need to quickly solve their problems so they can continue working, accelerating. It’s all about customer service. We can design solutions and we can implement projects and we do tech really, really well. But without that customer service, that passion for serving others, we wouldn’t be successful. It’s that Texas friendly, honest and caring IT support that we continuously deliver over and over each day.

We want to make sure that your IT issues are taken care of in regards to the follow-ups to make sure that any issues that you have are addressed quickly. You know, we have a proven process to track our tickets to make sure that things are followed up and nothing falls through the cracks.

I think the biggest thing that sets us apart is our people because our people are so friendly and everyone here is just so helpful. It’s just amazing the amount of feedback that we get from our customers how happy they are to have us as their service provider.

We rely heavily on each other on that quick communication to be able to share some of that knowledge. We have some people that are very knowledgeable in data backup and data recovery. We have some people that are very knowledgeable about what goes on in our data center and we share that very quickly. And that’s honestly what I enjoy about working here is that I can always go to someone and be able to get quick solutions and there’s always someone here that’s going to give me the time of day to sort of work through those with me and also with the client.

The value of Texas Systems Group is the type of service that we provide and the efficiency in which we can provide it. We have tech staff that is available 24/7 and we’re not just here to get the immediate fix but we really want to provide a long-term solution so that you don’t continue to have the same issue reoccurring.

I think we do service better than any of the competitors. You can go out and find any company that can provide certifications or a set of technical skills or a set of products. And really where we differentiate ourselves is on the service side. We look for people who have a humble attitude, who reflect professionalism and who are striving for excellence in all that they do. And those things really work together to make us a really great company.


Superior Customer Satisfaction Sets Us Apart!

Customer Service


For Texas Systems Group, it’s all about consistently providing Texas friendly, honest and caring customer service. It is what sets us apart from all the other IT Service Providers out there. Our current Customer Satisfaction Score is 9.91/10, thanks to our well trained, highly professional and Texas friendly technical team!

Here are just a few of the 5 Star Ratings we have received in the past month –

  • Cory is ALWAYS great to work with. He is professional, and calming when my desktop gets wonky. I appreciate him greatly. – E. Damon, Healthcare Organization
  • Great job!!! I called in for a little guidance on Shari’s issue and while Anh Tuan was working on it, Jennifer reported the same issue. Anh Tuan had both of them up and running in no time. That’s superior service. I couldn’t have asked for anything more on this ticket. – Tom R., Architectural Design Firm
  • So very helpful! Always the best service! – Andrea B., Propery Management Company
  • Courteous and professional. I appreciate the helpful explanation about the situation. Quick and easy resolution of the problem. Thanks. – K. Lilly, Non-Profit Organization
  • Always great customer service! – Dr. G, Healthcare Organization
  • Quick and easy resolution of problem. Kyle was professional and courteous. Thanks. – K. Lilly, Non-Profit Organization
  • Justin is awesome!!! – Anne L., Healthcare Organization
  • Good communication and follow through. Task completed very quickly and confirmation in the form of an image. I appreciate that. – Tom R., Architectural Design Firm
  • Anh and Nathan were very helpful in solving the problem – C. Edwards, Non-Profit Organization
  • He replied to my request promptly. He was very professional in his demeanor. Thanks again. – A. Lozano, Healthcare Organization

We couldn’t be more honored to receive such awesome feedback from our clients! Check out these and other reviews on our BizRatings page.


Feeling the Love on Valentine’s Day with Customer Satisfaction Ratings!

Valentine's Day


We want to express how much we appreciate our clients and what better day to show the love than Valentine’s Day!

Being in the service industry, customer satisfaction ratings are a big deal to us.  Texas Systems Group’s founders, David and Andrew, started the company in 2002 with hopes to fill a void in the local IT service market. Most of the IT companies at the time were staffed with the typical, cliche computer technicians that weren’t very friendly or professional.  IT issues are painful enough, especially for businesses who rely heavily on their computers and network to operate.  Having a negative experience with an unfriendly technician made it even worse.  David and Andrew wanted to turn negative experiences into positive ones by hiring Texas friendly professionals dedicated to providing excellent customer service.  You might not remember the specific IT issue you had six months ago, but we want you to remember the positive experience you had working with our team!

Our customers are asked to briefly rate their experience through BizRatings once a service ticket is complete.  We understand how busy they are, especially if they were just having a computer issue and now need to catch up after any downtime they may have had.  That’s why we are overwhelmed with gratitude to see so much feedback!  Most of the responses are a quick rating from 1 to 10, but a lot of customers also take the time to type a message commending the technician and/or service team for taking care of their issue.  You can read the messages below or by visiting our BizRatings page.


We are so blessed and humbled by the high customer satisfaction ratings we receive on a regular basis.  Our team members definitely appreciate the feedback and it shows us that the goals David and Andrew set from the beginning are still being met fifteen years later.  So allow us to say “thank you” again to our amazing customers!  We love you; not just on Valentine’s Day, but EVERY day!