Employee Awareness is the Best Security Against Cyber Threats

Security Risk

What your employees don’t know about cyber security could hurt you — and your organization. A recent study of 1,200 data breaches within the U.S. Government found that 95% of the breaches could be traced to human error. Despite this fact, security awareness training is still ignored by many organizations. If there’s a common thread the experts all agree on, it’s that poor training and unaware employees lie at the root of many if not most breaches.

So, how do you make sure that your organization’s critical information is protected? The first (and best) line of defense is employee awareness. The more they understand—and care—about how their cyber behavior affects your company’s security posture, the better off the company will be. Texas Systems Group’s Security Awareness program, as part of our Managed IT Services solution, gives your employees the tools and information they need to make security second nature. Find out how this valuable resource can help protect your hard-earned reputation and ensure that your employees are part of the solution and not part of the problem. To learn more about our Managed IT Services and dedicated CyberSecure team, click here.

(Data courtesy of the National Security Institute)

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