Effective IT Services Put People First

Texas Systems Group Expands to Meet Demand for Texas-friendly, Honest and Caring IT Support


The two words, “Information Technology,” conjure visions of computer hardware, software, infrastructure and data. But for Texas Systems Group, the most important components of any IT system are the people who use the systems and the professionals who support those systems 24-7. Texas Systems Group hires its staff not only for their ability to provide expert management of technology systems, but also for their ability to form normal business relationships with clients. Their staff genuinely cares about solving clients’ problems.

“We believe in providing Texas friendly, honest and caring IT support,” says Co-founder and CEO David Doran. “That’s what makes us different from everybody else – our people. And that means we don’t outsource our team. We hire people with people skills; people who are aligned with our core values. Our staff is committed to working together as a team, and always strives for excellence with integrity and professionalism. We remain humbly confident, even as we constantly strive to learn, grow, and improve.”

Doran has put a high-tech spin on a popular Maya Angelou quote, and says: “’People won’t remember the technical problem they experienced six months ago, but they will remember how we treated them.’ It’s our level of professionalism that makes us different, and our clients will remember that forever.”

Texas Systems Group recently expanded its facilities, relocating into the Walnut Creek Business Park area. The company is also hiring new staff to meet an increased demand for its professional-level IT services. The Austin-based company now provides 24-7 managed IT services to clients in 28 states, and is seeing growth in almost every business sector. Clients range from high-tech startups and construction/engineering firms, to professional associations and the health care industry (where security and accessibility of patient data is critical).

“The one thing all our clients have in common,” says Doran, “is that they insist on having 24-7, responsive, friendly, and proactive IT support for their mission-critical infrastructures. We deliver.”


Founded in 2002 by David Doran and Andrew Lam, Texas Systems Group envisions delivering Texas-friendly, honest and caring IT support to both small and midsize businesses and healthcare organizations.

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