Managed IT Services Case Studies

Case Study: BOXX Technologies – Austin, TX

When BOXX Technologies’ in-house IT person gave his two-weeks notice, they realized they needed a Managed IT Services partner that would deliver the same quick and personable service as having someone in-house. Texas Systems Group’s team of experts were up for the job at hand. Take a look at the case study by clicking the button below.



Case Study: Surepoint Emergency Center – Denton, TX

Texas Systems Group created a customized infrastructure that not only resolved immediate needs but optimized a system that will ultimately provide them with a core competency and strategic advantage. Download the case study for more details on how this Managed IT Services project came about.



Case Study: Medco ER – Frisco, Texas

The Texas Systems Group team assisted Medco ER with an “ER fixer-upper” in the Dallas metro area that had to meet intense deadlines, uptime and stability requirements in a highly cost-effective manner. Download the case study for an in-depth look at the challenge, experience and result!