Feeling the Love on Valentine’s Day with Customer Satisfaction Ratings!

Valentine's Day


We want to express how much we appreciate our clients and what better day to show the love than Valentine’s Day!

Being in the service industry, customer satisfaction ratings are a big deal to us.  Texas Systems Group’s founders, David and Andrew, started the company in 2002 with hopes to fill a void in the local IT service market. Most of the IT companies at the time were staffed with the typical, cliche computer technicians that weren’t very friendly or professional.  IT issues are painful enough, especially for businesses who rely heavily on their computers and network to operate.  Having a negative experience with an unfriendly technician made it even worse.  David and Andrew wanted to turn negative experiences into positive ones by hiring Texas friendly professionals dedicated to providing excellent customer service.  You might not remember the specific IT issue you had six months ago, but we want you to remember the positive experience you had working with our team!

Our customers are asked to briefly rate their experience through BizRatings once a service ticket is complete.  We understand how busy they are, especially if they were just having a computer issue and now need to catch up after any downtime they may have had.  That’s why we are overwhelmed with gratitude to see so much feedback!  Most of the responses are a quick rating from 1 to 10, but a lot of customers also take the time to type a message commending the technician and/or service team for taking care of their issue.  You can read the messages below or by visiting our BizRatings page.


We are so blessed and humbled by the high customer satisfaction ratings we receive on a regular basis.  Our team members definitely appreciate the feedback and it shows us that the goals David and Andrew set from the beginning are still being met fifteen years later.  So allow us to say “thank you” again to our amazing customers!  We love you; not just on Valentine’s Day, but EVERY day!