TXSG will close May 29th to Observe Memorial Day

Memorial Day


Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day, is a federal holiday that we observe on the last Monday in May to honor the brave men and women of the US Armed Forces who died while serving our country.  Decoration Day was established after the Civil War as a time to decorate the graves of the fallen Union soldiers with flowers. It officially became a Federal Holiday in 1971. 
here for more facts about Memorial Day)

Texas Systems Group will close Monday, May 29th as we remember and honor the military personnel who courageously gave their lives for our Freedom.

    • If you need immediate technical assistance, please call 512.249.5252 and select Option 2 to have an on-call technician return your call within 30 minutes.*


    • Please send an email to support@txsg.com, which will be responded to on Tuesday, May 30th during normal business hours.


Thank you,

Your TXSG Team

*Please note: There will be an after hours service charge for any support requests not covered under a Managed Service Agreement.


The Spartans of TXSG

Spartan Race Team TXSG

Team TXSG (David, Corey and Du) at the Spartan Race – May 20, 2017

One of the many employee benefits that Texas Systems Group offers is up to $100 reimbursement per month for a gym or fitness membership to help promote a healthy lifestyle.  Several of our team members have joined various gyms and fitness programs – such as Gold’s Gym, Camp Gladiator and Class Pass – to help relieve stress and encourage movement after sitting long hours behind a computer.  A few employees have run 5ks, half marathons, etc. individually, and as a group we’ve also participated in 5ks such as Race for the Cure and the Austin Trail of Lights Fun Run.


Definition of Spartan – noun  Spar·tan \ˈspär-tən\

– a native or inhabitant of ancient Sparta

– a person of great courage and self-discipline


This past weekend David, Corey and Du braved the rain and hail (AND a broken toe) to complete the Spartan Race in Burnet, Texas.   This grueling 8+ mile rugged course tests you both physically and mentally with obstacles such as the Atlas Carry, Hercules Hoist, Rope Climb and Barbed Wire Crawl.  With preparation and dedication, they completed the difficult course as a team.  Way to go, guys!  You truly are Spartans!

If you are interested in becoming part of our team, please check our Careers page here!


Alert: Massive Ransomware Infection Underway


Make sure your Windows computer is fully patched with the latest update. If your computer hasn’t been updated since March, do this immediately!

A massive ransomware attack has hit more than 70 countries worldwide.  The attack is reported to not be targeted, but meant for anyone who got it.  Ransomware is a type of malicious software (malware) that locks a user’s computer or data in exchange for money.  The infection has been linked to a bug that exploits a vulnerability in Windows operating systems.  Microsoft released a patch to fix the vulnerability in March so systems that haven’t updated are at a high risk of getting infected.

For more information, please reference this article: Ransomware infections reported worldwide