Remote IT Support Need IT Support??? Call (512) 249-5252 or email
for Texas friendly, honest and caring IT support!
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Need IT Support??? Call (512) 249-5252 or email
for Texas friendly, honest and caring IT support!
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Your Texas-friendly IT Service Provider

We take pride in operating with professionalism and integrity at all times. We constantly strive for excellence in all that we do. We are committed to operating as a unified team. We never stop learning, growing, and improving. All the while being humbly confident in the way we interact with others.

If you are tired of experiencing slow response times, frequent outages, frustration dealing with your current IT service, a lack of executive-level reporting,  it’s time to switch to Texas Systems Group!  We are a group of highly ethical Managed IT Service Provider (MSP) professionals who enjoy serving others by consistently providing our Texas friendly, honest and caring IT support.


Who We Are

Since 2002, Texas Systems Group (TXSG) has been working with companies to reduce the cost of managing their Corporate Information Technology while at the same time drastically improving employee productivity, disaster recovery, and business continuity. Our results are driven by our proven processes, technology standards, dedicated Support Desk, Network Central, SysNet, CyberSecure and Virtual CIO teams.

IT Service Offerings

    BrightStar Managed IT Services

Let us proactively monitor and maintain your IT infrastructure with our BrightStar Managed Service solutions.

   BrightCloud Private Cloud Hosting

Private cloud, virtualization and hosting services for all your offsite infrastructure and data storage needs.

   BrightSolution IT Project Services

We specialize in providing a wide range of IT solutions to tackle every business technology challenge.


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  • Why Choose Us

    We ensure multiple technicians are trained to service each client. That means that there is never one person holding all the knowledge needed to provide quality service to a client. If one of our technicians is not available due to providing emergency services, is sick, or on vacation, our clients can be assured that their needs will still get taken care of.

    For a 360-degree view of our NOC (Network Operations Center), click here.

        • We shall perform our duties in accordance with the law.
        • We shall maintain highest standards of professionalism, honesty and integrity.
        • We shall not take personal, financial, or any advantage of information gained by virtue of a professional-client relationship.
        • We shall place the interests of clients ahead of our own and shall serve clients with competence at all times.
        • We shall accept only assignments for which we are qualified and shall charge no more than a reasonable fee.
        • We shall continue to upgrade our technical knowledge and maintain awareness of new technologies and best practices.
        • We shall handle all information concerning the affairs of clients as confidential.
        • We shall not maliciously injure the professional reputation of our employees or clients.
        • We shall avoid situations that may create a conflict of interest with our clients and will make full disclosure if any conflicts are likely to occur.
        • We shall strive to advance and protect the standards of the information technology consulting profession as represented in this Code of Ethics.


    Our technicians and staff are consistently improving their skill sets to better serve our customers.  Here are just some of the certifications our employees hold:

    • Microsoft Certifications
    • Cisco Certifications
    • CompTIA Certifications
    • ITIL Certifications
    • VMware Certifications
    • Dell Certifications
    • Allworx Certifications

    Strive for Excellence  

    We do not accept mediocrity. Our standards are set high and we hold each other accountable to achieve them.

    Committed to the Team  

    Our team members are eager to help others and are willing to go above and beyond their primary responsibilities to serve our clients. By working together, there’s nothing that we can’t do.

    TXSG IT Service - Core Values

      Operate with Integrity & Professionalism

    We interact with our clients, vendors, and team with integrity and conduct ourselves as professionals.

      Learn, Grow, Improve

    We never stop learning. We love solving challenging problems and sharing our knowledge.

      Humbly Confident

    We attract people with positive attitudes that exhibit both humility and confidence.

    Vendor Partners

    Leading IT Products and Services

    Texas Systems Group has partnered with world-renown vendors and manufacturers to provide comprehensive and reliable solutions for our clients.

    Here are a few of our preferred Vendor Partners.

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