BrightStar Managed Services

At Texas Systems Group, we can help you better manage your IT infrastructure by reducing costs, improving efficiency, and ensuring your employees have the resources to succeed, all at an affordable fixed monthly fee.

When your systems are down, everything comes to a screeching halt destroying productivity. What is the cost if your servers go down, even for an hour? Why worry? Texas Systems Group has the technology to proactively monitor and manage your systems, frequently preventing problems before they impact your business.

Texas Systems Group’s BrightStar Managed Services are the foundation of a stable IT infrastructure. The best way to eliminate costly downtime is to prevent problems by proactively monitoring and managing your IT infrastructure. Your business is more successful when you can free up staff to focus your core business — not IT issues.

Private Cloud Hosted Services

Using virtualization technologies, our Private Cloud Infrastructure uses a traditional data center and transforms it into secure, highly reliable extensions of your corporate infrastructure. Benefits include:

Reduced Cost

The cost to research, procure, install, configure, and test hardware every 3-5 years can be prohibitive. Texas Systems Group’s private cloud infrastructure allows you to significantly reduce costs by eliminating the hardware refresh cycle.

Immediate Deployment

Gone are the days of designing server rooms, configuring racks, and hauling, unpacking, and installing IT equipment. Deploying systems in our private cloud infrastructure can be completed in a matter of minutes, not weeks or months.

Seamless Scalability

Texas Systems Group’s private cloud infrastructure services utilize redundant enterprise-grade servers, storage arrays, network equipment, and virtualization software and can be configured to scale as demand requires.

Always-On Availability

Dead power supplies, failed hard drives, faulty memory, and intermittent hang-ups no longer impact your systems. Texas Systems Group’s IT staff manages the high availability infrastructure to an always-on service level. Request IO’s 100% up-time SLA.

IT Solution Services

Our mission is to provide a holistic approach that allows us to meet all Information Technology needs for your business. We recognize technology is ever-changing. Our promise is to provide up-to-date expertise by giving your business a more comprehensive approach through information technology solutions. With TXSG’s unique service delivery approach and superior customer service, our clients significantly reduce their IT costs and dramatically increase employee productivity.

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